New cosmeceutical anti-ageing programme, Sothys created and patented*

In cabin, the [C] Collagène Hyaluronique™ Intensive Treatment:

The new customized Intensive Treatment [C] Collagène Hyaluronique™ , allying technology with an exclusive modelling technique, values Sothys beauty therapists’s know-how, through the new Digi-Esthétique® approach. The anti-ageing diagnosis made before the beginning of the treatment, allows the adaptation of the treatment according to the customer’s grade and to recommend adapted retail products.

A 5 phase treatment…

Phase 1: Exfolate / Stimulate with the Mineral micro-dermabrasion Mask

Phase 2: Smooth / Fill in with a Hyaluronic replenish serum for an « injection-like » effect of wrinkle filling.

Phase 3: Restructure the skin with the Elasticity revealer serum

Phase 4: Plumping with the plumping balm Digi-Esthétique® omega-H2CR®

Phase 5: Lift with the collagen lifting mask

Final phase: Application of the adapted anti-ageing serum. For the first time, the retail serum is applied in professional application.

The new Sothys Anti-ageing IT is a substitute of dermato-aesthetic techniques with a scientific proven efficiency. On average, people think that they won back 4 years (test on 41 people : opinion of 90% of people)

Four retail serums and six creams to prolong benefits at home:

Proven efficiency!
92% of the participants were satisfied with the overall efficiency of the products. Satisfaction test conducted on 117 participants who used the anti-ageing creams during a month.

Grade 1 – Fine wrinkles, temporary expression wrinkles

First wrinkles revitalizing Serum
Active ingredients : H2CR® Complex, sugar (cellular energy booster).
Efficiency : The skin is revitalized, luminous, and smoothed.

Anti-Ageing Cream Grade 1
Objective: SMOOTH
Active ingredients: Active anti-ageing shield Grade 1. Di-peptide + oat extract for the smoothing action.
Efficiency: Day after day fine lines are smoothed, the skin is radiant.

Grade 2 – Permanent wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle lifting serum
Active ingredients : H2CR® complex, hyaluronic acid in solution (for an “injection-like” effect)
Efficiency: The wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin keeps its tone and shape.

Anti-ageing cream grade 2*
Objective: ANTI-WRINKLE, PRESERVE THE CONTOUR OF THE FACE Active ingredients: Active anti-ageing shield Grade 2. Cyperus esculentus tuber extract for the anti-wrinkle action.
Efficiency: Day after day, the lines are smoothed, the wrinkles are softened. The contour of the face is preserved.

* Available in comfort version for dry skins

Grade 3 – Deep wrinkles, cutaneous slackening (loss of tone)

Anti-wrinkle restructuring Serum
Active ingredients : H2CR® Complex, dill extract (to facilitate the re-architecture of face)
Efficiency: The skin is resurfaced and firmer, the features are remodelled.

Anti-ageing cream grade 3**
Active ingredients: Active anti-ageing shield Grade 3. Proteins and peptide complex: target the collagen production for an anti-wrinkle and firmness effect.
Efficiency : Day after day, the skin is smoother and firmer. The wrinkles are as erased, the lines are remodelled.

** Available in comfort version for dry skins.

Grade 4 – Advanced signs of ageing / Loss of substance and brightness.

Replenishing anti-ageing Serum
Active ingredients :H2CR® complex, Sothys flax complex enriched withn nutri-peptides (essential cellular nutrition to regain youth and brightness).
Efficiency: The skin is smoothed, firmed. Density and texture are restored. 95% of participants said their skin has found the essence of its youth (Satisfaction index, test on 24 people for 30 days)

Anti-ageing cream Grade 4
Active ingredients: Active anti-ageing shield Grade 4. Lupine peptides : cell activator to reveal the overall beauty of the skin.
Efficiency: The skin is smoothed, firmer, regenerated. The skin becomes radiant and comfortable again.