Every individual has his or her own unique skin type. Sothys has developed high performance face treatments to cater to every skin condition. To enhance and maintain treatment results, an exclusive range of complementary home care products has been created. Sothys products are of the highest quality – meticulously researched and tested with special, specific ingredients to ensure the delivery of desired results.

Revitalising Facial
Reinforce skin’s natural properties and preserve its good condition
Regulate cellular metabolism, strengthen skin and prolong its natural properties to tonify, hydrate and revitalize for an improved softness and suppleness.
Hydra-Protective Sothys™ Softening Emulsion
This free-flowing emulsion with Chaparral and Bioecolia® gives protection, moisture and a matifying finish to normal skin without the dry feeling.
Hydra-Protective Sothys™ Cream
Chaparral and Corn Seed Biostimulins diminishes small imperfections, while providing protection, comfort and a matt complexion for 24 hours

Softening Facial

Moisturise and nourish to regain skin elasticity and firmness
Intensively nourish dry, tight and flaky skin for immediate increase in suppleness and softness.

Nutrithys® Nourishing Serum
For dry skins lacking in natural sebum, this oil-in-water serum is rich yet soft with Rice Bran Oil to reinforce serum production while giving comfort for a protected, velvety skin.
Nutrithys® Dry Cream
This smooth and supple oil-in-water formula contains the patented Photopreventine® lupine extract to strengthen and prevent moisture loss, bringing comfort to skin.
Nutrithys® Ultra Dry Cream

Photopreventine® lupine extract was created to reinforce cell cohesion and combat dryness while Cohesine® and Ceramides bring suppleness and comfort to very dry skin.
Purifying Facial
Refine skin for a clear, matifying effect
A double action of regulating excess sebum and stimulating cell renewal for a matt complexion
Purifying Serum

Iris, Vitamin A, Liquorice, Lichen and Ethanol give this serum its antiseptic and anti-bacterial effects, which stabilize skin and tighten pores for a smooth, shine-free finish.
Hydra Matt Fluid

This soft-textured fluid contains Almond Protein and Absorbing Powders to give moisture and protection while reducing shine for a hydrated, matifying finish.
Active Cream

This soft cream activates the healing of acne scars with Liquorice Extracts, Allantoin and Biostimulins from sweet corn to refine pores, reduce impurities and soothe acne.
Absorbant Mask

A mask that is enriched with Menthol, Kaolin and Absorbing Powders to give an astringent and matifying effect for a clean, healthy and shine-free skin.

Professional Correcting Treatment
Deep cleanse and clarify oily problem skin
Reduce and eliminate imperfections from skin with persistent acne with this clarifying and anti-bacterial treatment.

Hydra-matt fluid 

- A biotechnological compound for this fresh and light gel to reduce shine, moisturize* and protect.
Active cream 
- Soft and soothing with liquorice extracts and biostimuline from sweet corn.

Purifying serum 

- Purifying and stabilising. Apply locally on skin blemishes. HOME CARE


Immuniscience™ fluid 

- Emergency care, with a light texture, specially designed for ultra-sensitive skins. Hypoallergenic**.
Immuniscience™ cream 

- A new formula with hydrating* and soothing agents to protect the epidermis from the daily aggressions.



Clarté & Confort Light cream and Protective cream 

- Daily care to fight imbalances of skins with fragile capillaries. Regulate, soothe and protect fragile skins.
Clarté & Confort Concentrated serum 
- A highly efficient concentrated formula. Contains natural polyphenols with proven properties of regulation, protection, and immediate soothing effect to diffuse redness skins.