A Personalized Concept

A Personalised Concept
Sothys Highly Personalised Skincare Make-up
When designing the Highly Personalised Skincare Make-up range, Sothys researchers and colour specialists were thinking about YOU.

Make-up with an extra care
Going a step further, Sothys make-up range incorporates multi-action skincare actives to complement your daily Sothys skincare programme.

From lipsticks, eye shadows to nail enamels, all contain nourishing qualities to moisturize* and beautify. Even foundations are enriched with exclusive compounds from the Hydroptimale® THI³, Lift Defense® 2 and Oxyliance™ care programmes.

Make-up for every look
With trends and styles ever changing, one golden rule must remain constant – whatever the fashion, to be in harmony with yourself.

Sothys has developed a new approach to colour that reveals and enhances your natural beauty. Make-up Typology takes into account your complexion, your eye and hair colour and your general style.

After a personalized diagnosis by our trained estheticians, you will discover the care and harmony that compose your new Highly Personalised Skincare Make-up palette.