Sun Care

Tan under close protection this summer with the exclusive Sothys Cellu-guard® Sun Care range. Unique to this range is the world exclusive Cellu-guard® complex. Born from the latest scientific advances in sun protection, the Cellu-guard® complex protects the skin at the deepest level by providing:
Triple Cellular Protection – membranes, DNA, proteins

Double Tissue Protection – collagen and elastin, anti-inflammatory action

This new generation of Cellu-guard® sun care range uses active ingredient like Jasmine Flavonols to reinforce anti-free radical action of Cellu-guard® complex action and boost anti-free radical endogenous defense systems. By re-establishing the vital balance of anti-oxidant and free radical, the combination of Cellu-guard® and Jasmine flavonols, preserves the integrality of skin cells, limits photo-ageing and contributes to preserving immune defenses.

UVB leads to sunburn while UVA causes skin ageing and the appearance of free radicals (powerful oxidizing agents) that damage cellular membranes, DNA and proteins. While UVB filters tend to be stable to light (photostable), most UVA filters are volatile under light and upon skin application. The system of UVA and UVB filters in Cellu-guard® Sun Care uses the latest generation of optimized nanofilters in photostable non-whitening formulas. They form a more regular protecting film on the skin to effectively reflect sunrays. While controlling the sun with Cellu-guard® sun care range, you can also enjoy floral, amber nuances, sunlit aromas and reminiscent of warm sand for an immediate sensorial journey.

Sun Sensitive Areas Care – UVA / UVB High Protection SPF30
An optimal combination of UVB filters (zinc oxide & titanium oxide) and UVB-UVA filters (chemical filters) ensure safe sun exposure. It provides a homogeneous, luminous and long-lasting tan while protecting the skin against photo-aging and free radicals in the most extreme conditions. Adapted to sensitive skin: hypoallergenic*, fragrance free

*Formulated to minimize allergy risks