Homme care
The new Phytomalt [re]generation hi-tech care just for him

There is no reason for men to take less care of their skin. In reality, the skin types for men vary distinctively from that of women. With thicker, more oily and acidic skin, men require specifically adapted skin care.

Sothys recognises these differences and at the heart of the Sothys Homme programme is the active Phytomalt that targets these particularities.

Phytomalt is a malt extract obtained during malt distillation of Scottish whisky. With two main properties, Phytomalt is also perfectly suited to sensitive skins that are dehydrated from constant shaving:

* Hydrating* properties from the presence of starch, sugars and minerals (magnesium, sodium and potassium)
* Anti-inflammatory properties from the presence of group B vitamins, especially vitamin B5

Phytomalt, together with Basaline® derived from biotechnology for anti-wrinkle action, are incorporated into the Homme Institute Treatment and home care range to ensure that various skincare needs of men are met to provide healthy and radiant skin.


After 1 treatment
100% Comfort**
100% Radiance**
100% Relaxing effect**
**satisfaction test conducted on a sample of 20 models

Homme Detoxify/Destressing Institute Treatment with Digi-Esthétique®
Clearer, smoother skin for a more youthful appearance and a sense of total wellbeing.                          

The Sothys Homme treatment is an hour of ultimate relaxation to reduce nervous tensions, stimulate the spirit, regain serenity and refocus concentration. It contains Phytomalt, a multi-benefit active for hydrating* and anti-inflammatory actions.

The modeling (massage) phases with essential oils of black pepper and Frankincense (nape, scalp, shoulders, face) give rhythm to the treatment that is conceived around exclusive formulas. Optimum performance and relaxation are ensured with complexion clearer and skin cleansed, detoxified and hydrated.

HOMME Home Care A 3-Step Regeneration
Active Cares

Homme Hydrating* Active Care
A light and non-oily fluid to against dehydration and irritation caused by shaving
This concentrate hydrates* the skin to regain comfort and maintain suppleness. Apply after Soothing After-shave Balm in the morning/evening, and may alternate with the Age-Defying Active Care.

Homme Age-Defying Active
A non-greasy formula with exceptional skin regeneration action suited for ageing skin
This protective gel-cream penetrates immediately to firm and hydrate*, removing wrinkles and limiting their appearance. Anti-wrinkle actives and hydrating* actives leaves the skin renewed, soft and comfortable. Apply after Detoxifying Active Cleanser in the evening, and may alternate with the Hydrating* Active Care.

Targeted cares

Homme Matifying T-zone
A light-textured fluid for immediate long lasting anti-shine action on oily
T-zone areas (forehead, nose, chin
Regulate sebum secretion and minimise shine. Skin is sufficiently hydrated* for comfort and suppleness all day. Apply after Detoxifying Active Cleanser followed by either Active Cares. May be applied on other oily areas of the face.

Homme Soothing After-Shave Balm
A fresh and light texture to soften and soothe skin sensitivity after shaving
Provide skin with all the necessary hydration*, restoration and natural defenses. Soothe, soften and comfort skin irritations while regenerating and repairing damaged skin. Apply after Detoxifying Active Cleanser followed by either Active Cares.

Homme De-stressing Eye
Refreshing fluid with triple anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness actions
The skin around the eye being much thinner than the rest of the face requires specific and intensive care. It restructures tissues deep in the skin to improve and stimulate collagen synthesis. Fight against wrinkles and eye bags to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to connective tissues. An added ingredient of vectorized Caffeine moisturizes and reduces fat clumps that form eye bags. Apply after Detoxifying Active Cleanser. *Fragrance and colour free, ophthalmologically tested.

Complementary cares

Homme Detoxifying Active Cleanser
Deep emulsifying cleanser with essentials oil to prepare and calm skin
This mild, soap-free cleansing gel eliminates impurities and prepares the skin for shaving. Phytomalt combats the drying effect of water through calming and hydrating. Skin is healthier and more resistant to external aggressions. Apply twice daily, morning and evening.