with Digi-Esthétique®

With Hydroptimale® THI³, Sothys revolutionizes the hydration* concept – cells are activated to efficiently use its water resources. This world’s first 3-dimension intelligent hydration* technique is a complete programme with patented ingredients used in its delightful Institute Treatment and complementary home care range. Now in 2008, Sothys has strengthened this scientific dimension by optimizing the bio availability of CALCIUM. Active Ingredient, Padina Pavonica Extract (Brown Algae) will help to optimize the bio availability of calcium present in the skin. Hence, skin’s hydration level is being boosted and preserved, leaving your skin supple and hydrated.
3-Dimension Intelligent Hydration*
1D : AUTO-REGULATE water flow from the dermis to the epidermis, and maintain optimum water balance with Optimizer SC™
2D: RE-BALANCE water movements between cells required for cell metabolism with Osmolytes
3D : CONTINUUSLY DIFFUSE water for prolonged hydration* and reinforced protection with the Molecular Patch.
+ OPTIMIZE calcium bio availability
– Hydration improved by 68% in just one treatment*
*Average measure:
Corneometre Test on 20 people after 1 treatment
A delightful care line to indulge without moderation day after day.
The 3-dimension hydration* essential cares in your bathroom that enhance and complement the Hydroptimale® THI³ Institute Treatment
Hydroptimale® THI³ Intensive Serum
A hydration* concentrate with Optimizer SC™, Osmolytes, Omega 3 and Omega 6 to restore absolute comfort and reinifoce the skin barrier. Use as an intensive boost to optimise the efficiency of the creams: up to +63% hydration*.
<Normal to Combination Skin>
Hydroptimale® THI³ Light Cream
An ultra-fresh, comfortable melting texture with Optimizer SC™, Osmolytes, Molecular Patch, Glycerol and Filagrinol® that leaves skin clean and hydrated.
Hydroptimale® THI³ Comfort cream
[Winner of Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Award 2006] For skins that lack both sebum and moisture, this cream forms a second skin to soften and hydrate with Optimizer SC™, Osmolytes, Molecular Patch, Glycerol and Filagrinol<®.

Hydroptimale® THI³ Mask
Moisture*-quenching mask with Optimizer SC™, Glycerol and Filagrinol® for an immediate freshness effect and an hydrating* bath for your skin.
*hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis